Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

I think most bloggers go through a miriad of emotions when they start blogging and maybe lots of doubts.  This week I have bit hit by the full range from elation to devastation as I struggle with what to flippin blog about!

So I thought I’d try a new tactic – write something about myself as well as writing about what I know. But where to start, doubt again!  Who’d want to read anything about boring old me?  And I’m usually great at talking about others and their needs but being personal about myself?  Well that’s like being under a microscope and it not something I feel comfortable about …but here goes…

A confession…

I am the oldest of 4 children and when we were young I have to say I was a little bit bossy (occasionally!).  I shared a room with my two younger sisters and to say we were cosy in there was no lie.  As I became a teenager, I craved a space of my own and a place to dance and sing to my own records (in the days before even CDs!)

So my confession is that I regularly locked my sisters out of their own bedroom so that I could listen to MY records on the record player and have MY friends round to chat.  And when I looked after my siblings in the summer holidays while my mum did a part time job, my brother used to get so fed up of my nagging, shouting and bossing that he would regualrly pack a bag and ‘run away’ (only to the ginnel up the road I found out later).

So I suppose I need to ask my brother and sisters for forgiveness now we are in our 40s!

I’m still a bit bossy…

As a believer in Jesus I find myself being challenged when he wants to develop my character.  I am still quite bossy but am also being tempered by his love for me.  As I realise how much I am loved then my response is to be so greatful that I am much kinder and more thoughful to others than I ever could have been on my own. My natural bossiness has developed into a gift of administration, which I am trying to put into service as I help to lead the group for adults with learning disabilities at church.  (You want to see me get through an agenda at a meeting – wicked!)

A Revelation…

My brain is quite a manic one.  I am always thinking and analysing and making plans and creating ideas and more plans.  I love people and books and words and great stories.  About 6 years ago I decided to start something that I’d wanted to do since high school..and that is write a novel.  The idea developed slowly and it has been a luxury for me to have no deadlines and just to let the story live in my life for a time.  In the summer this year though, it was time to get down to finishing it and I wrote solidly for almost the whole 6 weeks. 

My children’s fantasy / adventure novel is aimed at 11-14s and I have loved the creative process so much.  I am now editing, writing  a synopsis and am going to send it out to one agent after another until someone likes it…and so begins the real roller coaster ride!

It’s called ‘Tom Preston and the Meir Prophecy’ by the way!


Comments on: "A confession and a revelation" (4)

  1. I didn’t know you had 3 siblings!!! I’m the youngest – certainly the most passive of the 3 of us, surely the result of a bossy older sister (or two!).

    Love this. x


  2. You are ok you have been forgiven and it’s something I. Look back on and get a wry smile on my face.


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