Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

Odd one out?

Just the other day I had coffee with three lovely ladies who were all mums of children with disabilities. We were brainstorming ideas to support other parents through dealing with some of the everyday issues that cause so much stress.  We have a chance to work with a couple of local charities to produce materials that will hopefully be really helpful to parents of children with autism. It was a fascinating meeting, with tears and sharing, which resulted in great ideas and a sort of plan of action.

But I did feel at one point…what am I doing here? I definitely was the odd one out. To me autism is fascinating and I am passionate about helping children and families…but it is also my job and I can come home at the end of the day and have a break from it.  I admitted I am out of place in this group, as a few parents have said to me, it’s not as fascinating when you live with the consequences every day 24/7.  And what amazes me is the constant battles the parents I know have to go through. Fighting with systems and authorities to get their child understood and have their needs met. No wonder they don’t find it fascinating.

The only answer I have is a God who cares enough to put a passionate heart in an imperfect woman and use her to come alongside other imperfect people.  He has pushed me to gain knowledge and experiences that are useful contributions to our project.  He does this all over his world…bringing people together to minister and help each other, just when they need it.  He loves us and cares that we get exhausted and don’t know what to do when things get rough. He leads others on a path of knowledge and learning so that they can come at the right time to bring knowledge and life’s mess together to find the answers. I don’t know what I can do or where this will lead…but I trust a Lord who does.

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  1. alicebuckley said:

    It’s so essential that you are in the position you are in! You’re able to stand back with a different perspective and you are motivated by passion and excitement rather than doing things because you *have* to. You are perfectly placed and I am so grateful for you!


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