Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

We all seem to face doubt, don’t we? We lose confidence and wonder if we have been fooling ourselves, don’t we?

When the Lord takes us into new territory or tries to expand our horizons it can be terrifying.  That is happening to me right now – does it happen to you?

I wrote this some time ago and just this week found it again.

Marion, Me and my Nan 1984 Marion, Me and my Nan

“It only takes one to love as Jesus did…

When I am overwhelmed and discouraged; I REMEMBER…

When I feel that God is stretching me and challenging me; I REMEMBER…

When I can’t figure out how to reach someone with learning disabilities or severe autism with the gospel; I REMEMBER…

When a friend or family member seems so far away from knowing Jesus, when they are hurting, sad, struggling; I REMEMBER…

There once was an elderly lady called Marion, in her seventies, who walked to church every week. As she passed the kids playing out in the street she would invite them to come to church with her.  In the 1970s it was ok to do that. One quiet, shy six year old went along because her friend from school went too.  For twelve years – week in, week out, the girl accompanied Marion to church…but then she fell away, and for a while her life took a different path.

But Marion still prayed, still loved the girl as Jesus loved, until the day she died.  Marion never knew if that girl ever came back, if she ever choose to follow Jesus who loved her so much.

I REMEMBER… her love of Jesus that shone out of her as a light.

I REMEMBER her kindness, her acceptance, her longing to go to heaven.

I REMEMBER she told me Jesus loved me, but I didn’t really understand.

Not until she was gone.

That day she died I felt her spirit raising up to heaven to be with her Saviour. The greatest joy I had ever felt.

She loved as Jesus did.  She prayed as Jesus did…and didn’t know the outcome.

But two years later her prayers were answered.  I answered Jesus’ call on my life and followed him.

Now, as I struggle to pray for the children and adults with learning disabilities and autism that God has put in my life…I REMEMBER…it only takes one to pray as Jesus prayed, to touch their lives and show them his love.  No matter that we may not know the outcome here on earth.  For as surely Marion knows in heaven that her prayers for me were answered, then one day I will know my prayers for those God loves through me will be answered too.

I am honoured and blessed that this ministry is not mine alone, I learn from and share it with others.  Thank you – you know who you are.

And we all thank Jesus.

Comments on: "A bit about why I keep going…" (2)

  1. alicebuckley said:

    This is so wonderful – it really does help you keep going to remember that God will use you and that he made absolutely sure you came to him. Hooray for Marion, what an amazing woman. xxx


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