Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

It has been a super, mad, busy, crazy week.  Work has been busy (not helped by having to catch up on some work I missed when I was off ill the other week), my kids are in the last week of dress rehersals in their drama group (the Easter story set in Downtown Metropolis it’s going to be fantastic!).  It has meant a week of making early teas, taxi driving and attempting 1920s hair on my daughter – which was made much easier by the loan of the contraptions below from my sister!  Next week will be even busier as it’s a week of performances.  I get to watch it every night as I am a ‘doorperson’ collecting tickets and selling programmes. I love it and it will be exhausting for all of us!

The-MOB-cover                                                              41WA5MR7M2L

Our church has had a really exciting mission week this week and I’ve listened to a High court judge and a rugby player talk about their faith.  Our Good News Group got involved by putting on a guest tea party (the team all dressed up as waiters) and welcomed our usual crowd and some visitors. We taught them about how Jesus changed Zaccheaus and how he can change our hearts too. What a blessing it was but exhausting too!


So I haven’t spent my usual time thinking about disability issues, Good News Group and inclusion and writing my blog.  I want to be finishing my edit of my novel and starting my new story and that’s not happening either.  Never mind….in the scheme of things it really doesn’t change the world.  What I have been blessed by is other people’s blogs and so here are two in particular I encourage you to read and enjoy…

Alice is a mum of three young children , one of whom is Mikey who has Down’s Syndrome and ASD.  We go to the same church and are passionate about inclusion together.  Her blog this week is celebrating Mikey.


Kay Morgan Gurr is a person passionate about inclusion too. I am glad I’m getting to know her and agree with her sentiments in this posting which should make us think why are we doing things in church and is it the best thing for everyone who wants to be there.


Thanks everyone – I can’t be sure to blog next week as it’s just as busy but I will enjoy what others are writing in the meantime.

Have a good week everyone and God Bless you.

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