Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


It’s quite soon but could your church mark this day in some way?

I am going to spend some time this week praying and thinking about this. The date doesn’t matter if programmes are already filled – but to mark a day to focus on inclusion is a good idea.

We can share information and awareness with the whole congregation.

We can give the people with additional needs in our church opportunity to share testimony and their expertise / gifts.

We can have fellowship and learn from the Bible in different ways – experiement a little and see how inclusive we could be with maybe a little thought and few adjustments.

I’ve found a great resource from ChurchesforAll that might start your ideas off and help you know what to say to whom.


Good News Group News

We have come to the end of our teaching about some of the Judges and our finale about Samson went well (despite the person giving the talk bering delayed by gridlock on the M6!) and the scene where Samson pushed over the temple columns was enthusiastically acted out by all involved!

We are having a break for half term.  For the members and their carers this means 2 weeks off  (back on the 12th June) and for the Team it means just one week as June 5th will see us meeting together to pray, organise and plan our teaching sessions for the summer weeks.  We’ll be back to the New Testament and sharing our wonderful amazing Good News about Jesus.

Again this summer we are organising a trip to join Prospects at the Keswick Bible week.  We can only go for a day trip but our members love it and ask all year if we are going to Keswick again.  As our group has grown this has become quite an organisational task as transport that covers our needs of wheelchairs, limited mobility and addtional carers and team members can be hard to find without costing a LOT of money.  However, God always provides and this year we are blessed that the transport solutions are being resolved (hopefully)!

Praise and thank you to our God who loves us, provides for all our needs and brings the most wonderful Good News we could ever need.  Thank you God for Jesus.


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