Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

Last week’s post about my failures was deliberate. I cannot talk about the good things we do at Good News Group without remembering that it is all through God’s GRACE that we do anything. 

Ohhhh – but the JOY of knowing we are saved by grace…all of us that believe…

Thank you for all the kind comments…I hope you know this joy too.

We had some fun at Good News Group this week because they let me loose with my sensory story approach.

In my day job I use sensory items and experience to engage children with stories.  I wondered for a while how to adapt this for our adults at Good News Group.  I did think that those who are less able would engage well with this but was a little nervous that the more able adults would think I was patronising them and treating them like children. At Good News Group one of our main principles is that these are adults and need to be respected as such.

two-ways-to-live booklet

This term we wanted to do a teaching programme based on Christianity Explored which is used throughout our church to explain the Gospel and Christianity.  However, the material was far too detailed and complex for our group and the video had too many elements in each episode. We found this booklet on the desk at the back of church and once we read it realised that it would be perfect to adapt for our group.  The symbols are really clear and we made our own version for the big screen.


So, for the first week I was teaching about God the Creator.  It was great fun thinking how I could use sensory experiences to go through the creation story and teach that God made everything and therefore everything belongs to him. I used the power point from Bev Evans…/The%20Creation%20Story.pps  and added a couple of pictures about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


So with fabrics, torches, water spray, balloon, tweeting birds and touchable bubbles and lots of soft toy animals and puppets we learned about God’s wonderful creation. My best moment was the awe shown by everyone (carers and team members included) when I blew the touchable bubbles into the congregation and they didn’t pop but sat on their hands and coats and chairs!

I think that kind of emotional engagement is great. It was good to them talk about the awesomeness and wonder of God’s creation and how he made it so good. It was a privilege to explain that God made us to be his friends and look after his creation.

I ended the talk by saying that something had gone wrong and that if we looked around it was clear to know that we did not look after God’s world the way he wanted us to and we didn’t even look after each other the way he wanted us too….

Nicely set up for next week’s teaching, I hope.


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