Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

M 6 Off we go….

The Good News Group had a brilliant day out at the Keswick Bible Convention with the other Prospects groups. Two minibuses and five cars ferried 43 of us from Leyland up to the Northern Lakes on a beautiful July day. The M6 was kind to us and we arrived 1 hour and 45 minutes after we had set off…to a wonderful welcome and our leader Bob with a very long roll of name stickers. Suitable identified we shuffled into the school hall to greet and join old friends. We sang, praised, signed, waved flags, prayed, did drama and learned about how God sent his Holy Spirit to help us follow Jesus. The teaching about the wheat and the weeds complimented our teaching about the sheep and the goats that we had done a couple of weeks previously…great to have the reminder and call to follow Jesus. DSCF0313


After the meeting we trooped outside, unloaded the mountain of food from our minibuses and cars and had a fun picnic. All too soon it was time to climb back into our transport (once everyone had been found, finished their yoghurt and been to the loo!) I was to be found with my list in hand and furiously counting everyone in every vehicle. I think I counted people into a couple of cars that didn’t even come with us!

I thank God for a beautiful sunny day, the extra drivers we needed, a clear motorway and a safe and enjoyable day. I thank the Prospects leaders and volunteers for all their hard work and kindness. Everyone of our group whether team, members or carers loved it.

Meeting with other groups like ours is very encouraging. We can build relationships and share ideas. We can learn that Jesus’ church is bigger than we think.

The best story of the day was from Audrey, the leader of the Kendal group. A few years ago they had a lady who went to their group and who loved it. Audrey had lost touch with this lady when she was moved from her accommodation quite suddenly and did not turn up for the group again. She had prayed and had to leave it in God’s hands.

Well, the very same lady now attends our group and it was a thrill to have Audrey recognise her, be reunited and know that God did answer her prayer. Praise Him!

It is two weeks since we had the last Good News Group meeting. Already I am missing it.



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