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Angel Messages

d0066The first thing I love after a break from Good News Group is the greetings I get as I walk through the door. After a long day at work and a staff meeting I rush to church to stumble in with my bag of admin and resources…to a warm and wonderful welcome from our group members. No matter how stressful the day – two minutes after arriving at Good News Group I feel like I’ve been sat in a large armchair and given a hot mug of tea and a soothing shoulder massage…

This term everyone is gearing up for Christmas. We have decided to look at John the Baptist and how God gave the message loud and clear…JESUS IS COMING!

IMG-20131112-00849I think I got the easiest week to deliver…How the angel Gabriel came to deliver the messages of the birth of John to Zechariah and Elisabeth and then of Jesus to Mary.

Again I tried to include sensory experiences, visual and drama. The smell of incense was a good element to use as Zechariah offered it up to the Lord in the temple. We had a married couple whose anniversary it was that day so they were an obvious choice to play Zechariah and Elisabeth which they were both delighted to do.

One aspect of the story I wanted to show was that angels are not the fluffy, fairy-like people we often associate them with. Fortunately the video clip I found had a ‘real’ looking angel on it and we talked about how angels are God’s soldiers and messengers. It was fun dressing up one of our male leaders as a soldier. To finish off I asked two of our members to come and be God’s messengers. We spoke about how God sent a message to Zechariah, and then to many people through his son John…and the message that JESUS IS COMING is still the message he gives us today.

The ‘messengers’ gave out a little envelope to everyone and inside was one of these…


(This is a red heart Christmas Tree decoration with a heart shaped message that I printed off onto sticky label paper on my computer.)

Remember everyone…JESUS IS COMING and we hope and pray that message brings joy to your life.



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  1. That’s wonderful! You are so creative in the things you do with your Good News group and are clearly devoted to them. No wonder they cheer! Thanks for this heart warming post which challenges us all to invest our time, this busy season, in things that matter…


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