Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

Christmas Outreach

Singing and Signing "Come and join the celebration".

  Singing and Signing “Come and join the celebration”.

Actors and Readers

  Actors and Readers

The Wise Men visit the stable.

The Wise Men visit the stable.

As promised here are some pictures of our Christmas Carol Service. All our members took part and really enjoyed themselves.  Even those who didn’t want to come out to the front still dressed up or put tinsel in their hair!

The purpose of this service is for us to encourage our friends and families to join us in learning the message of Christmas – that Christ was there in the beginning and came into our world so that he could die, rise to life and open up the way for us to be friends with God once again.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and everyone who came along and supported us. The church felt quite full and so many of you even joined in with the signing of our carols.  You all did great.  We are hoping we may get a couple of new members which would be so wonderful.

Now just the Christmas party to go this Wednesday…apparently I have to take a photo of me as a baby and someone is making rather a lot of pass the parcels…going to be fun!

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas all of you.  If you are sad or happy, lonely or overwhelmed by family, full of joy or struggling…take a little time to remember our Saviour who has come for us all and know that he loves you very, very much x

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