Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

So far to go…


Thanks to everyone who has read, re-tweeted and re-blogged my posts on Writing Social Stories!!! I’ve left it as my main post for a while as there has been so much interest 🙂  I’d love to know if you have been writing Social Stories as a result of my help?


I’ve been reading some great blogs this week that discuss disability and the attitudes of society. It was Blogging against disablism day on 1st May and here are some of the interesting blogs and issues that I read:

disability rights

This one spoke about the dangers of the ‘Right to Die’ movement and how this might affect our attitude to people with disabilities. The title ‘A right to life’ says it all. It worries me easy would the government make it to get ‘rid’ of people we found ‘inconvenient or a drain on resources’ rather than working with the rest of society to promote and INSIST we have a good and right attitude to people with disabilities…after all, they are people first… Some things in our society really scare me.


My friend Ann Booth has written a wonderful book called ‘A girl with a White Dog’, a wonderful story about the effects of Nazi germany on a modern day family (read it – its brilliant!). But what I love is the fact that one of her main characters is a wheelchair user and she also tackles the issue of disability discrimination through a gardener with special needs.


I loved this post from The Social Worker who became disabled.  I liked how she explained the social work ideal from her training days and then outlined where it seems to be in conflict with modern day practice.  As usual the government and its insistence on targets, case loads and results are crushing social workers.


The forth blog is again from someone I consider a friend. Kay Morgan-Gurr is a children’s worker who is also a wheelchair user.  Her post about the lack of speakers with disabilities at Christian conferences and major events should shock us into stamping our feet too!

As well as all that I really want to share some good news! My dream when I started working for myself was to work with and support churches as well as schools with inclusion, SEN and autism.  In the past few months my fellow leaders and some Good News Group members have spoken to a group of over 60 pastoral assistants in our diocese and will be doing the same for Readers later this year.  On Monday this week a group of us went to Liverpool to join the Liverpool Disability Mission Network (supported by ) and shared with them how we teach the Bible to our adults with learning disabilities.  We had a great time doing Makaton supported worship (from Jesus the Start of it All CD available from

Then we shared a dramatised, visually supported and puppet sketch based on Mephibosheth (whose name I still can’t say so we called him Mefi!) who got to eat at King David’s table despite his disability. We linked it to Luke 14 – the story of the great banquet that Jesus told to tell us who was welcome at the Kings table…that’s all who will accpet the invitation by the way! We joined in a wonderful prayer session with L’Arche and listened to an amazing testimony from a man called Danny. The best news was that 5 new churches have signed up to join the network and build up their disability ministries.

IMG_0195    IMG_0194

And now the Good News Group is back after the Easter break and we are learning about Noah! I expect we’ll get wet at some point…



Comments on: "So far to go…" (5)

  1. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    Particularly encouraged to hear what’s been happening at the Liverpool Network- thanks for sharing! Maybe one day you can visit us at the Bath network to do something similar!


    • Ha! Maybe! We looking at setting up a north west network. Went along to Liverpool to see how it’s done! Would be interested in what’s going on in Bath!


      • homewardboundragamuffin said:

        I have suggested that at some point down the road it would be great for facilitators of networks to get together and share 🙂 We’d like our network to be a resource for local churches and figuring out the best ways to practically do that (with God leading the way!) I continue to follow all you are doing with interest 🙂


  2. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    Reblogged this on Inclusive Journey.


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