Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

A great blog post by Ros which gives us great good for thought …


I wrote this for Through the Roof ( and it is reproduced here by kind permission.

The day my second child was born, my world changed forever. She was thirteen weeks premature and the doctors had been warning me to expect her to be stillborn. Even if she was alive, they said, she wouldn’t cry, as her lungs would be too immature. Moments after she was born I heard her give a fairly powerful cry – it was, and remains, the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

Now began her long, hard fight to hold on to life. It was more than ten weeks before the doctors could tell us that she would live, and at least two years before we could say with confidence that her life was no longer in danger.

From her birth onwards our world was turned upside down. I wrestled…

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Comments on: "Who are the disabled ones?" (2)

  1. I have worked as a Paediatrician in Zimbabwe since 1985. I have developed HIV/AIDS and OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) ministries here, founding Family AIDS Caring Trust for which I received an OBE in 2002. My wife established an NGO for the Deaf; NZEVE also supports children with other disabilities. We are on the leadership team of Lighthouse, a large charismatic church. For the last three years we have worked at developing Zimbabwe’s first Deaf Church plant here in Mutare.

    We appreciated the Christianity article for several reasons. I went to Balshaws 1964-71 and attended St Andrews every Ascension Day. When I was confirmed in 1966, it confirmed my unbelief! I wasn’t converted until 1972 whilst at Imperial College. God redirected my life from Mathematics to Medicine overseas.

    I visit St Andrews every year. My mother Dorothy attends though not much since February when she had a stroke. I look forward to meeting you next April when we next visit. Thank you for your ministry. .

    Geoff Foster


    • Thank you Geoff! How wonderful to hear from you. I hope you keep reading my blog as there’s exciting times ahead. It will be fantastic to meet you in April 🙂 the work you and your wife do sounds brilliant – maybe you can talk to us about it?


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