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All about Peter.

I’ve been eager to tell you about our teaching programme this term as we are having fun learning about different characteristics of being a Christian through the life of Peter, Jesus’ friend.

Week 1
The first week we looked at ‘humility’ through the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet and examining Peter’s reaction. We had fun washing some feet and Bob asking us if we’d be humble enough to give someone our last Rolo!

Week 2
The next week Gill invited us all to be on Team Jesus (well it was the start of the world cup!) We listened to what loyalty meant as we dramatised Peter’s denial of Jesus. We learned about Jesus’ forgiveness and love when we let him down. This was through learning about how Peter was able to affirm his love for Jesus 3 times.

Week 3
This week Dave invited us to see how we can trust Jesus because he does what he promises. Peter found out that he could trust Jesus when he rose from the dead and saw him, spent time with him and ate with him. We know we can trust Jesus because he keeps his promises.  Peter visited us with his friend Mary (puppets) to tell us the tale.

IMG_0356(Our puppeteer aprentice and me!)
A prayer a day
We have put together a pray sheet of 7 prayers for our group – a prayer for every day of the week. A simple and symbol supported sheet has been given to every one of our members and a copy emailed to L who is blind so she can ‘read’ it on her speaking computer. Prayer is central to all we do at the Good News Group and we encourage and practice prayer with our members every week. I LOVE the way more and more of them are contributing through vocalisations, amen’s, choosing symbols and speaking their own prayers.


Three more weeks to go about Peter and my teaching session is the last week – better get on with my preparation…

Comments on: "All about Peter." (4)

  1. Wonderful stuff! We’ve been doing Peter, too, in our school assemblies here. We’re enjoying the comedy potential in the story of Rhoda this week. I’ll e-mail you the puppet script if you like 😉


  2. great ministry. keep up the good fight 🙂


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