Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


 My name is Liz and I have attended the Good News Group for nearly 3 years now after hearing about it in December 2011. I became a Christian when I was a tiny baby, my mum and dad wanted me to be christened as I was very poorly and they wanted me in the protection of Gods love.  All my family have always attended church and are devout Christians. For as long as I can remember I have joined them when they go to church and its a way of of life now for me, a life I love and cherish.    

I enjoy going to Good News Group. I like the art sessions before we say grace and eat. I especially enjoy the service in the chapel, where we sing songs and say prayers.  Also, we have a puppet show reenacting stories from the Bible which gives us a fun and visual way of learning about our Lord.  I always like to get involved in the dramas that we do.  While I have attended Good news group I have learned about the stories of Jesus in more depth. I enjoy all the stories about Jesus but the Easter story I find fascinating. The stories are always relevant in all aspects of our day to day lives, teaching us to always follow in the ways of the Lord with his wisdom.

I always get a chance to do readings at services and I’m included in the jobs rota, this includes the sound desk, saying grace and many more tasks.   We join together in the summer holidays for BBQ’s and play fun game example, welly throwing.   I’m given the choice to go on courses, days out and tea parties. My favorite is the Christmas period were we have a carol service and Christmas parties with games and prizes.

  I will look forward to many more happy times with all my new friends at Good news group and I’d recommend this group to anyone who wants to celebrate knowing  Jesus.

Liz very kindly wrote this for us. She also attends a local Torch Trust Group.  Liz is wheelchair user and visually impaired, with a faith and knowledge of the Bible that contributes greatly to our meetings.  She willingly serves and shares her gifts, prays with her heart and is such a blessing for us all.


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