Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

I had a head full of things I wanted to write about this week, but home and work demands have stolen my time.  However, it was my friend, Kay Morgan-Gurr who gave me something to think about this week.

cw strap

Bad things

Kay is a director of Children Worldwide, a youth work ministry. She and her husband, Steve, travel countrywide to speak about children’s ministry and especially about including children with disabilties and additional needs. (here they are:  ) Kay is also a wheelchair user.

Her blog this week was a rant.  Being poorly treated by a holiday booking company was bad enough, and sort of usual, if not annoying, in the world we live in.  However, being bumped and shunted by a group of christians at a Christian band concert, as well as being unable to see, because the said people surged forward and stood right in front of a number of wheelchair users who COULD NOT stand up and see over their heads….well, it takes my breath away.  Read about it here:

Yes, we should have higher expectations of each other as Chrsitians.  What was their excuse I wonder? Rend Collective might be a groovy band you want to rush to the front and dance to (I do like them!) but to ignore the needs of fellow, disabled Christians, is bad.  We really should be demonstrating to the rest of our society that we look to put others before ourselves, and this was a bad example.

Better things


On the other hand, I was in tears of awe and joy at this clip of people with disabilties saying words from Psalm 139 – Reflectors Reading on Vimeo –  PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT AND SHARE.

This shows the reality of who we are in Christ – ALL of us and I hope it leaves you with joy in your heart.

Lots to do


A short post this week as I’m off to get planning. It’s my teaching week at the Good News Group again.  We are doing Jonah and I’m toying with some audience participation. I’ve got the middle part of the story where he is swallowed by the fish, repents, gets spat out, goes to Ninevah and they all repent and are saved. Good stuff.  Oh, and months ago I said I’d do an assembly at the infant school that shares it’s name with our church.  I’ve just finished a little talk about Samson’s strength which is going to include blond, blue and long dark wigs (thanks to my daughter, I found them in her dressing up drawer) and a puppet.

Should be fun…


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