Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

Here’s a blog post I have written for Biblica Europe, who are raising funds to produce an accessible Bible for adults with learning disabilities. Its something our Good News Group members would really benefit from. Hope you can support this great project.

Biblica Europe

Each day I work to make school successful for children on the autistic spectrum. I help their teachers understand their difficulties and be able to translate the curriculum and lesson activities in to meaningful learning for their autistic pupils.

In my church I am one of the leaders of a group for adults with learning disabilities. We meet once a week and are church for all those who come to the group. We are particularly keen to give them the tools and confidence to join the rest of the church congregations on a Sunday as we worship together.


We are also passionate about developing disciples. Many of our group have responded to the Gospel, they believe in Jesus and are filled with joy and praises for him. We could leave it there. We could think ‘Ahhh, isn’t that wonderful’ and think that because they have learning disabilities that is enough.

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