Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

I love the Additional Needs Alliance group. A community of people with disabilities, parents, carers and teachers who want to share and seek the best in our church experience for those who have additional needs. This article, blogged on has given me an idea for another blog post I am currently writing. Read this first…

Inclusive Journey

This article was posted by Additional Needs Alliance (FB group)

When the young woman flashed me a friendly smile and asked, “How are you?” my involuntary shrug and the words “I’ve been better,” tumbled out before I could stop myself. I could have sworn I meant to offer her the obligatory “Fine,” followed by my typical Sunday greeting smile. My veneer, however, had worn too thin to hide the stress of another morning battle with my son with autism, the young man sitting alone at a back table, head in hands. And I wondered, was I the only one feeling like the worst excuse for a parent ever?

I could feel the tears coming and made a quick exit for the nearest bathroom to keep my mascara in its place and to pray for God’s intervention in a situation I didn’t know how…

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