Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

I had to reblog this!!!!!!   Thanks to Homewardboundragamufin for it. Brilliant writing.  An excellent contribution to my thoughts and learning about healing. I am coming to some of the same conclusions and am convinced that disability is not a persons fault, but sin in the world makes an imperfect world. Looking at the bigger picture of sin and redemption is part of the healing concept.

Inclusive Journey

I find myself walking on a tightrope of faith that needs to be voiced.

This is the tightrope on which I stand: God is totally sovereign. All things are in His control. God can and does heal people of illness and disability in miraculous ways today. We can ask for this. But He will not always do it when we ask.

You are going to be healed!?

A few years ago, I became involved with a family in a moment of crisis. The mother had cancer and she decided, after an unsuccessful round of treatment, that she was not going to put herself through a second bout when it would not really improve her chances. Against medical advice, she decided to return home to her family and put herself totally in God’s hands. She had a husband and four daughters who all decided to fast and pray for 40 days…

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