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Last Thursday wasn’t only my birthday but the day we as a nation voted to leave the EU.  It’s not what I wanted and I was not prepared for how I would feel about that.  I wasn’t prepared for how people I loved and knew from both sides of the argument would feel too.

Its a big deal.  And not knowing what happens next, the political upheaval and the racist remarks out on the street…just leaves us all with a lot to be anxious about.

So I thought what can I do…

Well, pray of course.  And so that my friends could join me I set up a Facebook Event page with the date of Friday 8th July and invited my friends to join me wherever they were going to be that day…and just pray for our nation.

I wasn’t prepared for the way that my friends shared this and told others about it.  I wasn’t prepared for how strangers would respond and want to join us.  I wasn’t prepared for a Bishop finding out about it and sending the date around his churches inviting people to join in.

It’s like the whole thing is in bigger hands than mine.

Thank you Lord!

So, if any of you want to join us – here is the link      and do share amongst your praying friends.  On the day I plan to post an hourly topic, Bible verse and prayer so that we can spend the day covering a variety of topics.  People will be able to pray where they are, for however long they have and share their prayers on the FB page.

I’m going to fast, just because it feels right for me to do it.  People can join in with that too if they feel that they want to – but it isn’t a requirement.

It’s just that simple.  Let’s pray and ask God for mercy and help for our nation.  Its a small response, a beginning, that’s all…



Comments on: "Day of Prayer for our Nation" (4)

  1. Miriam Boorman said:

    Hi Lynn, the link isn’t working for me, could you please post again or tell me how else I can find the page on facebook? Many thanks! Miriam


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