Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

Stop trying to work it all out.

Stop trying to make it like something else.

Stop trying to make it perfect.

Stop trying to be God. 

Be still. 

And know that I AM God. 

When there’s so much pressure to ‘do’ 

So much pressure to bring in the harvest.

So much need

So many burdens you want to carry

So many people you ache for. 

Be still.

And know that I AM God. 

If you do things before I AM ready,  

You’ll only exhaust yourself. 

You want it done NOW

I have a plan that spreads over all eternity. 

I know your heart. 

Be still. 

And know my heart. 

This post is dedicated to the leaders and ministers who I know personally and that I don’t, who have burned out,  crashed and fallen under the burden of doing ‘God’s work’.  May he protect you from those who criticise and only want to make you feel guilty about coming back and those who are trying to make you do things like they were done before. 

May the Lord heal, protect you, strengthen you and make you new.  

Let his light shine through your brokenness,  His grace and mercy spill out of your broken heart.   The gospel will be shared even in this,  perhaps more than you ever experienced before.  


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