Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

‘2017: A Faith Odyssey’

This is great news from Mark Arnold at Urban Saints. A commitment to inclusion.

The Additional Needs Blogfather

In 1968 ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, possibly the most iconic sci-fi movie of all-time, hit the cinema.  16 years later the sequel, ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact’ arrived.  Both are firm favourites of mine, but a clip from ‘2010’ has been going around in my head this week, a week that has been hugely significant for me and I hope will be significant for additional needs and disability ministry to children and young people… It’s a clip that fits well with what’s been going on with me…

In the clip, Dave Bowman (a character from the original film) appears to Astronaut Dr. Heywood Floyd and reveals to him some amazing news…

Dave Bowman: You see, something’s going to happen…
Heywood Floyd: What? What’s going to happen?
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful.
Heywood Floyd: What?
Dave Bowman: I understand how you feel…

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