Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

‘Weak Made Strong’

I am so pleased to keep reblogging Mark’s blogs. His thoughts and work are so similar to all that includedbygrace is about. Here’s his latest post and it makes my heart sing!

The Additional Needs Blogfather

Have you ever built a great big tower out of Jenga blocks?  Seen how high you can build it until it falls over?  Great fun isn’t it!  Around this time last year, I was helping out at Spring Harvest, the Christian festival that runs every Easter.  My role was to support guests with additional needs and disabilities across the whole site and across all ages from the crèche to the senior adults.  It was while I was ‘doing my rounds’ that I first saw Jack* building his tower out of Jenga blocks (other wooden stacking blocks are available!)  He would get to maybe six or seven blocks high and then they would all fall down.

Jack was about eight years old then, and I learned that he has Autism which in his case means that he struggles to communicate verbally, prefers not to be in a large noisy group…

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