Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


Some of you will have read a post I put up a few days ago called “Storm before the Calm.”  I have taken this down as I was embarrassed at how raw it was.  I was having a bad weekend emotionally but thanks to a lovely friend who helped me feel much better after a good chat,  I’m rewriting it as something that can stay on the blog.  (Thanks so much to those that already replied – I have all your comments and you are much appreciated).

Like a lot of people, I have been quite upset by things way beyond my control.  The main things that have ‘stormed’ into my life are:

  1. The news – terrorist attacks, tower block fires, the stupid election (my views are my own!) and just not knowing what the government are doing. I still don’t want Brexit and the process frightens me. It’s unsettling, hard to escape.  Two girls from my town died in the Manchester attack.  Everyone I know shares the worry and grief over all the incidents and events in our country these past months.


  1. A death happened. A young person took their own life.  I’m grieving for them and their family.  I have been researching mental health and young people and find that we are ignoring the risks and pressures that affect our young people.  It feels like we are sleepwalking into a crisis.  Many people think that’s already happening.  I’m praying and wondering what the church should be doing.


  1. For some time I’ve been wondering about how I can share much more of the resources we’ve built up over 10 years of our Good News Group. Particularly our Bible teaching materials but also sharing our story and training for churches.  I want so much to give our adults in the group, opportunity to speak for themselves and for others with learning disabilities to have access to good teaching materials.


And this is where I asked for help in my last post.  If you read includedbygrace regularly I’d like to hear from you.  If you’ve happened to read it by random google search, I want to hear from you.  I want to know what you think of includedbygrace and the information I share.  What it means to you and how it has helped you (or not).

If you want to say a pray for this please pray that God will make this what he wants it to be.  I have been blessed by a conversation with two web developers who are interested in designing an accessible website with me.  Maybe that’s a thing that includedbygrace can become.  I have no funding, only faith at this point in time.  But I believe in a God who funds his own projects.

My second idea is to build a team of trainers from our Good News Group who can tell churches how they can be better included.  I experimented with doing this by video when I went to London and this was one way of sharing their voice.  Locally I can take people to places we speak.

Thirdly, I’d love to reach out to special schools in our area.  Maybe with assemblies or sensory Bible stories.  I’d need a team of GNG members to help me…and again the logistics are huge.  But not for God!

In my mind are a lot of other random ideas.  I only want to go in the direction God has prepared and not waste time on things that won’t work.  The aim is to spread the gospel and disciple children, teens and adults with learning disabilities, giving them accessible Bible teaching and resources.  Also, it is to equip churches to do this work too.  We are a small team…living hopefully in the storms…

Comments on: "Living hopefully in the storm" (5)

  1. Wendy Bassett said:

    Hi Lynn,
    Don’t worry we all have bad weekends! I wanted to comment, but the site wouldn’t let me, so trying again today. Since meeting you at Keswick a couple of years ago, I have followed your blog and it always encourages me. I learn something new every time. We have a big God who can deal with all your thoughts and ideas! As I help with our Causeway group, I would find the teaching materials useful & also training. Since Prospects merged with Livability I’m finding it harder to access their resources or maybe it’s just me not doing it right. We have an Open the Book team who go into a special school in Bury St Edmunds and that is proving very popular, so I would definitely encourage your GNG to try that. Start with one school and the word will soon spread! Writing this reminds me I must go on the Biblica website & get the portion of the Bible that’s now accessible! Wendy x

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    • Thanks Wendy. Liveability are reviewing all the Prospects resources and deciding what they are going to keep and not. That’s why you can’t access them at the moment. I love that you do go into special schools to share the Bible. I may get in touch after the summer to ask you about it. God Bless all you do, and thank you again for the encouragement. Are you at Keswick this year? I’m on the team again in week 2.


  2. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    It is very important to know where God wants you to focus your attention. I often pray that I will be like a horse wearing blinkers and a rein with Master Jesus as the rider so that my head only turns in the direction he wants me to go and I only see what he wants me to see. I ask that I will not ‘let in’ anything else that might distract, overwhelm, confuse me.

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  3. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    I really want to focus on your one request with a BIG, YES, YES, YES. ‘For some time I’ve been wondering about how I can share much more of the resources we’ve built up over 10 years of our Good News Group. Particularly our Bible teaching materials…’ This is very much needed and wanted! I used to facilitate the Bath/Bristol network for TTR. I have moved to Wales and am now looking at what is ‘going on’ in my area. Sadly I’m discovering ‘not a lot’. For someone who might want to start a group like Good News from scratch, there is such a lot of work involved and a lack of experience in a brand new team. If there were readily available resources…how many more people would have the confidence to get started in this essential ministry? I also love, love, love your idea of visiting special schools with the gospel/sensory bible stories. I worked in a special school for 5 years and had difficulty persuading scripture union/other church youth workers to come visit us…they didn’t know what to do with our pupils. Treloar residential school has started a Christian union- at the time my sister went to the school, she had no access to church or the bible except her personal faith. I am so pleased there is now a group meeting at what was her school and the opportunities for discipleship and witness this brings. If you do go into schools, please share about this as I’d love to hear and learn how to go about it. The gospel is so vitally important and when we get on the frontlines of sharing it, we will find ourselves in the middle of a battlefield (storm). The only way to get through is to depend utterly on Jesus.

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