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All set up and ready…

Today was the first day of the teaching sessions and we used drama, songs and Molly the puppet (who always asks the questions that others might be thinking!).

We were learning about Luke 7:36-53 where Jesus is invited to the home of Simon the Pharisee (a religious leader).  The other guests are treated with respect but Jesus seems to be a bit of a novelty guest and isn’t even offered water to wash his feet.

Apparently these events were a bit of an open house.  So anyone could come in and watch the spectacle and listen to the debate.  When a ‘sinful’ woman comes in and goes straight to Jesus it it obvious that the guests are a bit disgusted.  As she weeps tears that wet his feet and wipes them dry with her hair,  she also gets out a very expensive bottle of perfume and pours it over Jesus’s feet.


Simon’s servant washing all feet except Jesus’s

I can imagine the look Simon the Pharisee had on his face, but Jesus knew exactly what he was thinking.  He challenged him by telling him the story of two debtors.  Each one owed the money lender money.  One only a little and one much more.  Both showed how sorry they were that they couldn’t pay back the debt, and both were forgiven and let off their debt.

I was leading the drama about the parable of the debtors.  What was a highlight for us was a deaf female guest dragged up our signer to do one of the parts together.  It was fabulous how they worked together to sign, speak and interpret the part she had to play.  And we all laughed in delight as her sense of humour came out.  When the debtor said she could not pay, the audience said ‘ahhh’ in sympathy.  The signer signed this and the lady mimed a violin playing!  You had to be there….but it was really funny!

Of course, we discussed that this parable isn’t about money.  It’s about our own lives and the sins we have done against God.  Some of us think we have led a reasonably good life and don’t owe so much to God.  Some of us know we have done so much against God and others that we owe him a huge debt.  The thing is – none of us can pay our debt.  And that is the reason God sent his Son Jesus to pay our debt for us.   This enabled us today to ask people if they were sorry for their sins and if they wanted to say sorry to God, asking him for forgiveness and wanting to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.  Of course, many who come have already done this so they could pray for others to know and understand this – or they could remind themselves that they did pray this once and are still God’s child.  They are still forgiven and can still ask the Lord to give them all they need to live for him each day.

Here is the prayer we used…

Lord Jesus Christ

I know that I have sinned and done things that have hurt you.

I want to stop doing the things that are wrong and live your way.

Thank you for dying on the cross so that I can be forgiven.

Jesus be my Saviour and Lord.

Holy Spirit come into my life to help me live your way. 

Thank you Lord.  Amen

And here is Molly –  she is here again and asking all the awkward questions.  Today she wanted to know why Simon had been so rude to Jesus and why Jesus forgave the woman’s sins.  Thankfully,  Andrew had some great answers to help us ALL understand.


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