Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties

How do we know we are making disciples in the Good News Group? For some of our members we can talk to them and they can tell us about their walk with God. For those who don’t use speech we offer them visuals to communicate with us. We can observe their actions and reactions. They only way we can do this is by getting to know them and their carers well. Carers tell us about things that happen at home, when someone put ear hands together and prayed or opened up their Picture Bible. But really, our role is not to test our members on their discipleship. Our role is to share, teach and encourage. The Holy Spirit will do God’s work in their lives. We are in this together.

But I do want to share a story with you when the Lord has encouraged all of us through one person’s testimony.

One member has been struggling with fear and despair for months and months and months. He has his own additional needs but also is a carer for other members of their very lovely family. This puts a huge burden on him and sometimes, coming to the Good News Group is the only time he has away from this. We spend time praying with and encouraging him each week and encourage him to pray at home whenever he can. So this week he came to me looking so much happier. He told me that he had been reading his Bible every day. This is amazing because only recently had he received an NIrV Accessible Bible and been able to read it himself. Then he said he had prayed and heard a voice saying “I’m going to sort this out”. He shone with joy as he explained that since then he had felt all the weight of worry had been lifted and how much happier he felt.

To have this miracle being worked out in this man’s life and seeing God speak to him in this way has to show us that it is the Holy Spirit who disciples, who does the deeper work inside the spirits of the people who come together in that group. He now wants to share his testimony and that’s our next plan. We know our group have something to say, that God Works in their lives.

Our next terms teaching is going to be led by them. We will see who volunteers and provide the means for them to communicate their faith. I wish we had more technology available as I think some of those who don’t use verbal communication could tell us much more. (There’s very little funding available in adult social care for technology to aid communication – so sad when people are usually adults for longer than when they were children). So as is our way in the Good News Group we will do all we can to push enabling and participation. The plan is to use their favourite Bible story as a springboard to enable them to talk about and share their faith.

We will start with the man who shared this week. He’s already chosen a miracle story from the Bible as his favourite. And I hope to share more of their stories on here too. You don’t need to know them or their names to know that God Works in all of us in the most wonderful ways!


Our annual outreach Carol Service is next week. The whole group is ready and excited. Do come and join us if you’re nearby. 😁


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