Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


I did a talk at St James Church, Lower Darwen in lovely Lancashire this week.  I will be adding the text of my talk and hopefully a video that was recorded so that people can listen to the training themselves, and share in your church if you would like to.  I was really nervous as this is the first time I had delivered this training for churches, but hopefully it will help you all reflect and respond to behaviour that challenges you in a way that supports a child and shows them just how much Jesus understands and loves them.

…but for those that were there – here is the powerpoint handout I promised you and the rest will be added later. Just click and it should open up the pdf of the handout.

Belonging- Behaviour

Finally here are some more events people might like to look up – I’m going to all of them!

12th February, St Thomas’s Lancaster – Belonging: Supporting Autistic People in your Church

14th March, Manchester – Through the Roof – Disability Inclusion Events (Be a Roofbreaker in your church – I’m going!)

16th March, Blackpool  – Belonging: Understanding ADHD

25th April Preston – New Wine National Additonal Needs Conference

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