Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


Hello,  I hope you have been well and safe during these past few weeks.  I’ve been learning even more new tech skills (but still not mastering any of them!)

I am grateful to God for giving us these tools to keep in touch with our Good News Group and even to reach out to others who don’t normally come to the group.  We’ve now put together another service, this one looking at when Mary Magdalene met Jesus as he rose from the tomb.  When great sadness turned into great joy.

I hope you enjoy this and please, please do share it wherever you can.  Our Good News Group members are praying that this reaches out to new people who can’t normally get to a church or when they do, don’t find it easy  to understand the teaching and what is going on.

Here is the booklet of symbols and activities:

Mary Magdalene booklet

And here is the link to the Lego Psalm 129 that I referred to in the talk. 🙂

God Bless you all and do keep in touch.

Lynn x

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