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New Year Challenges.

Everyone thinks about the future at this time of year. Maybe for you it feels full of dread, or worry. Maybe it feels full of hope, or of new beginnings.
Whatever you THINK this year will bring we can never be certain. The Bible says “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:20-22 and I think that if you are a Christian you can certainly agree with this.
I have plans and ideas for this next year and there are things that others have planned that will affect me too. I cannot say however, if anyone will die, or win the lottery (not me, I don’t play!), or lose their job, get ill, or become famous, or be promoted, or become pregnant or pass all their exams.

As human beings we also dream…and for me this year is a year I want to work on my dreams. I’m middle aged now (apparently) and I am realising that time does get shorter. I’ve no idea how long I have but I can make the best of what I have. As a Christian I feel that God has given me dreams and desires in line with his will, and those dreams are about sharing his love and his Word with others in different ways. Especially to people with learning disabilities and through writing. I don’t want to be self serving, but Jesus serving…so we will see what happens.

If you are a parent of a child with special needs or a carer for an adult with special needs, I want you to know that God loves you and cares for you. He loves and cares for your child and the adults you care for. He knows what you go through each day and how hard that is a lot of the time. He knows too, what they can understand and we must not underestimate his Spirit in their lives. We don’t need to water down the Gospel or the truths of the Bible, we just need to communicate it in a way that is right for them.

Over the next few months I want to write about some of the challenges that face the church in reaching people (children AND adults) with autism, Asperger’s and learning disabilities and how we try to teach good solid Bible truths to the adults we work with in our church. This term we are looking at the book of Daniel and how he foretold the coming of Jesus.

I would love you to come on the journey with us.

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