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Gratitude and Glory…

Well that was a surreal and wonderful weekend!

I really want to thank the judges for deciding that I should be the winner of the ‘Most Inspiring Leadership Blog’ of the Christian New Media Awards 2014!  And congratulations to  for being runner up. In a list of 6, we were the two women, writing about marginal groups.  Although the other blogs were also really good, it is wonderful to have issues such as engaging children in the Bible and includeding adults with learning disabilties recognised in this way.

However, I was so shocked that I walked up to the stage with my hand on my mouth and have no idea what I said in my acceptance speech!

The stage - about to announce the winner!

The stage – about to announce the winner!  

Still shocked!

Still shocked!

Mina, from Flame Creative and me.

Selfie time! Mina, from Flame Creative and me.

I love the mini projector I won as a prize. It will be so helpful in my buisness and our ministry as we go around talking and training others.  Visuals are a big part of what we do. It’s a brilliant gift.

I also want to thank Michelle, Ibe and Beverley for making my trip to be interviewed on Premier Gospel radio so wonderful. Michelle worked really hard in researching and preparing for the show, she was so enthusiastic and encouraging. Ibe was charming and put us at ease straight away.  Beverley Samuel, my fellow guest was amazing and we got on like a house on fire.  You can still listen to it if you’re interested here:

Ibe and Michelle

Ibe and Michelle

Beverley and me

Beverley and me

'And talk...'

‘And talk…’

I struggle a bit with receiving.  It’s quite ok for me to praise and reward others, but I’d rather be at the back of the queue. I don’t know where it comes from; It’s just that I’m more used to judgement and criticism after being in the education system for 24 years! I cannot feel that I deserve this prize, but God, my Father is kind and generous . Not because I deserve it but he delights in giving his children good things.  So for the record – I praise and I thank him for giving me a wonderful gift, I will delight in it each time I look at the award and use my projector…and then I will get on with the job he has given me to do…

…because, more than anything I want this weekend to have made at least one more person aware that people with learning disabilties are part of the body of Christ.  We need to be looking out for them, including them, sharing the gospel and discipling them. Then they can share their gifts and minister to and with us. That way, the GLORY associated with getting an award is given to God’s will and plans for our ministry.  I had some great conversations with people about what we do at the Good News Group and each one brought more issues to the fore.  Each one important; for example –

  • The lack of provision for teenagers with autism, to access the same life teaching that typical teens in the church are given,
  • The need for training and awareness for church leaders,
  • Healing,
  • Opportunities for people with disabilities to serve alongside the mainstream church,
  • Do we segregate or are we providing focussed Bible teaching?
  • What does an inclusive church look like?
  • How can we make our websites accessible (thanks to Care for the Family’s team for that!)

Well, that looks like my next few blogs are taken care of doesn’t it?….

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