Supporting churches to include people with Autism and Learning Disabilties


I’m GIVING AWAY a copy of this book to someone serious about inclusion in church

This book was recently published and written by a number of people who know what they are talking about when it comes to making churches accessible. Part one is written by Tony Phelps Jones is the Director of Prospects ( which I have mentioned a few times on this blog and to which our Good News Group is affiliated.   The chapters are organisied into subjects that link together…”Inclusive People, Inclusive God, Inclusive Thinking, Inclusive Ministry, Inclusive Language, Inclusive Church Life and Inclusive Buildings.

Part two is organised into chapters that look at specific conditions and each one has been written by an expert in that area.  So the chapters cover people with learning disabilites, autism, sight loss, hearing loss, mobility difficulties, mental health conditions and families with children with additional needs.

It’s really practical, Bible-centred and suitable if you’re just strated out or some way into the journey.

So….if you really would like a copy of this book and it won’t just be left on a shelf gathering dust….

then add a comment about why you think it would help what you do and I will choose one person to receive their very own copy.

Deciding date will be Saturday 20th April 2013.

Here’s where you can buy a copy too :

Comments on: "Serious about inclusive church? – here’s a giveaway…" (8)

  1. Jeanette Carman said:

    Both my husband and I could benefit from this book. He is a Pastor and our daughter has Autism. We have been doing a great deal of research to determine how we could make our church more accessible for children like my daughter. Matthew 18:10: “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in Heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.” [NIV]


    • Welcome to my blog Jeanette – if you get the book or not I can give you some websites / information to help your search (although as you’re the only person who has commented…it’s looking good for you so far!!


      • Jeanette Carman said:

        Some websites and such would be wonderful…thank you! This is so very dear to our hearts. Our daughter has good church days and bad…we are now keeping a tracking log to see what causes some of the behaviors to see if there is something we can change within the church. I have met so many parents who are intimidated by taking their children to church in fear of how they may react. This breaks my heart. If we can make our church accommodations to work around these worries we could reach so many families who could use the grace of God in their life as well the a supportive church community.


  2. I’d like it for a friend not on Twitter but FB, who has to endure a church that asks her to leave if Isaac is too noisy, even if it’s a family service. He’s a 4yr old who will always be a toddler and just learnt to walk but will never be out of nappies or able to talk. She’s an amazing Mum with two other children who are a credit to her!


  3. Our teenage son has CP and is the only physically disabled person in our church. We are having difficulty advocating for him in the teen group and other churchwide functions. He is being left out of activities because he uses a wheelchair and cannot access the stage at church or easily enter homes. We have come to realize that a church may be accessible but that does not mean it is inclusive or accepting of the challenges that families like ours face trying to worship and participate in church life. We would like to learn how to better work with the leadership at our church in order for all disabled people to feel welcomed and loved.


  4. Great comments…going to be hard to choose but does make me realise that I could write some helpful posts on here and include some of the good advice that’s out there eg. websites etc.


  5. Just discovered your blog today through your post on God52. In the past year we’ve had a diagnosis of ASD for my oldest son and now my wife is starting to go through the same process. Both of these, along with my role as youth worker has made me realise how accessible we need to make the things we do. Our church is working with our local inclusion team to help make our Holiday Club as accessible as possible but any advice/info or support we can get would be brilliant.


  6. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    I have just taken on a new role facilitating a christian disability ministry network for my area (Bath, Somerset) in partnership with Through the Roof. I need to become familiar with more good inclusion resources to share with the network. I am also keen to change the culture in my own church and need some practical suggestions to take to the leadership.


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