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washing up

Well how do you get a wheelchair in a kitchen the size of a toilet cubicle?  How messy can washing up get in said-miniscule kitchen?   How can someone with a visual impairment control the sound system?  What do we do when the wrong button is pressed on the computer and the screen goes blank?  Why is M upset and refusing never to come again because she’s not giving the badges out when she signed up to do that job in 2 weeks time?

These are some of the challenges we have faced in the first couple of weeks that we have been ‘mucking in’ all together at Good News Group.

And we are loving it!

I did end up taking on a role of puppeteer instructor after one of our members expressed a great desire to learn and perform with the puppets.  Now, I’ve only been on a one-day course myself – so it may not be the most polished professional performance – but as promised, today I gave G her first puppeteer lesson.  Here is her lesson learned – how to make the mouth work and angle your hand so that the audience can see the face of the puppet.  She did a great job as you  can see!

Gemma puppet lesson

Now I just need those writing a puppet script to remember to add a couple of lines for G!   By the way – the puppet’s leg fell off today too.  G said it was like us now – it had a disability but could still do it’s job!  I love the fact that she has grasped what we are about.

The vibrancy and atmosphere at the group since we started up again has been great and the conversations that were started on the first week have continued.  We have welcomed three new members and prayed with and for others who are ill, in hospital, having family and financial difficulties.  More and more people are speaking out loud when they pray in our small groups.  We have said a sad goodbye to three of our fantastic team members and embraced the brave woman who has stepped in to fill their shoes!

We are learning about Elijah this half term.  We are trying to learn how God looks after us and wants us to worship only him.  I’m looking forward to the Prophets of Baal story as it’s one of the funniest stories in the Bible, especially when Elijah makes fun and taunts them.  “Is your god Baal on the toilet?”  This week we learned about the famine and how God provided for Elijah and the widow and her son.  It was a great link to the harvest that we will be celebrating on Sunday…

oct 2nd

Working together to read the Bible

…and I have good news to report on our prayers that two of our members could get to some Sunday services – we have a volunteer driver and wheelchair pushers! Praise God – he is SO GOOD!!!!

Thank you to all who read this blog. Your comments and interest are very much appreciated and when I tell our group that people read about us they are very excited!


Comments on: "Washing up and a one-legged puppet." (2)

  1. homewardboundragamuffin said:

    Very encouraging post! Great to hear what’s happening and how God works through the messy unpredictable realities of doing life together. Good stuff!


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